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A Celebration of Fatherhood

I set out simply to document the good I see. Yes, recognizing the good in our dads shouldn't be limited to just Father's Day, but I'm grateful for the occasion that gave us the opportunity to ponder and celebrate.

As you look through the pictures, you'll see the image where Dennis holds Marlowe's arm when the waves snuck up on them. To me, that is a perfect reflection of fatherhood: always there, ready to rescue.

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A Celebration of Motherhood

This session is a celebration of the everyday beauty of motherhood. When we think of mothers, words like nurturing and caring come to mind. These motherly qualities -- looking out for the well being of another, providing comfort and laughter, and protecting them from harm -- have been woven into the natural rhythms of our lives. They are ordinary means through which we express our love, but sacrificial love is no ordinary business. What better way to celebrate this extraordinary calling than documenting the special bond between mother and child while out on an adventure at Muir Beach.

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